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Possible Symptoms of Fluoride Poisoning

Please Note: Having one or more of these symptoms does not necessarily mean you are fluoride poisoned. This page is offered only as a guide, which can help you determine whether fluoride poisoning is a possibility. Only your doctor can diagnose and treat you.*

If you suspect you may be, indeed, fluoride poisoned, we offer you a self-help protocol for immediate response to your symptoms.

A Note on Fluoride Sensitivity

People can be fluoride-intolerant (toxicity, illness or pain reactions from non-histamine response) or fluoride-allergic (histamine response) from birth or from exposure and accumulation (acquired). They are the same problem with different routes of expression.

Individuals may be:

* Our Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative already has several Collaborative members, located in various places, who are MDs and are willing to see people who are fluoride poisoned. These doctors (and some dentists, too) accept the fact that people can be poisoned by fluoride, and they are learning about fluoride poisoning and ways it can be treated. Not all of these doctors feel competent to treat fluoride poisoning, but they have agreed to learn and to serve as liaisons for patients in their area. If you are having trouble finding a doctor who is friendly to the idea, please contact us and we will try to find you a nearby practitioner who is a Collaborative member.