Second Look’s increasing focus on the toxicity of fluorides and fluorine compounds and related health effects is largely the result of fluoride's ongoing “invisibility”. We have been striving to convey the scientific information that is known about fluoride/fluorine compound toxicity to those who ought to know but do not. We are also trying to stimulate scientific, public, and government interest in fluoride-related issues that have been virtually ignored.

Fluoride toxicosis (poisoning), both chronic and acute, is one of these neglected areas. New approaches are badly needed to address this critical lack of attention and knowledge. Second Look is actively developing our new research-based program, Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative (FTRC), in order to find progressive solutions!

FTRC’s activities are now underway, with the guidance of some of the most experienced fluoride researchers in the business (see a list of staff). This able team is looking for ways to more easily detect, diagnose, confirm, and ultimately treat cases of fluoride poisoning.

While scientists worldwide continue excellent research related to matters of fluoride toxicity, there still remains a real shortage of funded research in North America for investigating the many toxic effects of fluoride accumulation in humans. One type of necessary research would focus largely on fluoride-poisoned people as individuals with health issues. We expect that our Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative will meet this compelling need, among others, while working closely with other researchers.