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Personal Stories

This FTRC WebCenter section presents stories and testimonials about/by real people who have dealt in some personal way with fluoride poisoning.

These stories have been chosen for their clarity of message, their educational value, their interest value, and because there is some degree of resolution. We have screened them for veracity, and some of the stories that appear here will have first been published elsewhere (credit given).

The stories presented here are meant to inform, inspire, and possibly comfort.

“A sneaky additive was making me tired and foggy” – by Aliss Terpstra.

“Deadly Remedy: Strange illnesses lead horse breeder to challenge fluoridation of Pagosa's water” - by Cathy Justus, as posted in the Pagosa Daily Post,, May 23, 2005.

“A medical student's personal experience with dental fluorosis” – by Hilary P., South Australia.