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Health-affected Peer support Information Resources


Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children

DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome)
A non-profit group that educates the public on the dental/health connection, with emphasis on mercury and other toxic hazards. DAMS recommends phoning to ask questions, to request an information packet which includes a list of knowledgeable practitioners in your state or province, or to subscribe to the excellent newsletter, Dental Truth.; from North America: 1-800-311-6265

Mary Shomon's Site about Thyroid Disease
Numerous links, resources and an excellent peer support forum

Thyroid Issues particular to Women
Editor, Nan Fuchs PhD:

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Peer support

Fluoride Poisoning

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
Peer support and resources (Diana Buckland):

Thyroid Disease

Mercury Poisoning and Chelation

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Fluoride Action Network
This website now offers a large "Fluoride Health Effects Database".

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
Archives to 2001:
Current articles:

Chris Gupta's site, Share the Wealth, is part of a clearinghouse of alternative health and citizen self-education and advocacy information.

Dr. Joseph Mercola's site, a well-visited holistic and nutritional medicine site:

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Herbal and nutritional alternatives to aid thyroid:

NEEDS online discount supplements, products and resources for chemically-sensitive people

Natural Solutions Foundation

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Mercury and Fluoride
Many people with fluoride poisoning symptoms are also suffering effects of heavy metal accumulation, from multiple sources (vaccines, air pollution, 'silver' dental fillings, high fish consumption, industrial or workplace low-level poisoning). Symptoms of fluoride and mercury poisoning overlap because they both affect thyroid, digestion, immunity, muscles-joints-bones and neurological function. Fluoride increases the toxicity of other heavy metals in a synergistic rather than additive effect; reducing heavy metal burden and fluoride exposure together is more likely to improve health.

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