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SLweb Bulletin Board

new iconNew FTRC-Sponsored Journal Article Published

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix has published an article in a major scientific journal, thanks to FTRC-sponsorship. See the FTRC Fluoride Poisoning Bibliography for an abstract and a link to this latest paper, A new perspective on metals and other contaminants in fluoridation chemicals.

new icon A New and Non-fluoride Second Look Program: EMFTS

We have recently launched our first non-fluoride-related program, but one that is also a controversial public policy issue -- that of escalating exposure to manmade electromagnetic fields (or radiation) (EMF or EMR) and its potential toxic environmental and health effects. Please visit our newest website-within-our website, EMFTS WebCenter, which sports its own Bibliography of peer-reviewed scientific studies on the subject. This website will act as a launch pad for basic information as well as for referrals to other sites and organizations that specialize in EMF issues.

Our First Book!

Second Look is finishing up production of our first book.  The Fluoride Illness Handbook:  A Guide to Identification and Treatment is written primarily for physicians and other health care professionals so they may learn to recognize and treat symptoms of fluoride toxicosis and sensitivity.  The logistics of producing this book have proven to be quite a challenge and all parts of the process have taken much longer than anticipated.  Still, we hope to soon have a quality product ready to go.   When it is ready, we will announce our book on this website, among other places, and will give details for our expected pre-publication sale.  Stay tuned!

FTRC WebCenter

Please visit our FTRC WebCenter!

In this website-within-our-website you will find pages devoted to fluoride poisoning and to various aspects of our Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative Program. You will also see the beginnings of our Index of Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals.

The Fluoride Deception: An Important Book

The Fluoride Deception, released in 2004 by Seven Stories Press, is by award-winning investigative journalist Christopher Bryson. Respected environmental health scientist, Dr. Theo Colburn, has written its foreword and its postscript is by Dr. Arvid Carlsson, 2000 Nobel Laureate in Medicine.

“This book is a page-turner, an eye-opener, and a hair-raiser that reads like a mystery novel.” Read our synopsis to find out more about The Fluoride Deception.

star icon The Fluoride Deception Special Offer! star icon

Get The Fluoride Deception free with your donation! Find out how on our Support SL page.

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