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Fluoride/Fluoridation Research

Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride - Second Look
Health Effects Database - Fluoride Action Network
Fluoride - Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research
Medline - National Library of Medicine
Toxnet - National Library of Medicine

Fluoridation Position Papers - Favoring

Achievements in Public Health, 1900-1999: Fluoridation of Drinking Water to Prevent Dental Caries - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention October 1999
Recommendations for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control Dental Caries in the United States - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention August 2001
Fluoridation: A Triumph of Science Over Propaganda - Michael W. Easley, Ph.D., Fluoride Information Network. (originally published in American Council on Science and Health 1996)

Fluoridation Position Papers - Opposing

Why I Changed My Mind About Fluoridation - John Colquhoun, D.D.S., Ph.D. Former Chief Dental Officer, Auckland, New Zealand. 1997.
Why EPA's Headquarters Professionals' Union Opposes Fluoridation - William Hirzy, Ph.D., National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 280, May 1, 1999.
Fluoride: A Statement of Concern - Paul Connett, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, St. Lawrence University. January 2000.
Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water - Hardy Limeback, DDS, Ph.D, Head of Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto. April 2000.
Ralph Nader Discusses Fluoridation - Ralph Nader, Let's Live Magazine, 1971

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Nobel Laureate Advises Against Fluoridation - Kamloops This Week, April 12, 2001
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Fluoridation Links - Proponents

American Dental Association
British Fluoridation Society
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
National Center for Fluoridation Policy & Research
National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research

Fluoridation Links - Opponents

Fluoride Action Network
Keepers of the Well
Environmental Working Group
International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology
All Party Parliamentary Group Against Fluoridation

The Fluoride Debate