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The Statement of Concern on Fluoridation

The Statement of Concern (SoC) is an initiative by the non-profit organization Second Look. Its purpose is to convey serious concerns about the public policy of water fluoridation to government officials, while supporting the EPA unions’ call for a full Congressional investigation.

The SoC is limited, by strategic design, to mainstream organizations and professionals with the highest degrees, as well as other individuals whose professions are directly relevant to the policy or the practice.

The SoC, while not a formal “petition”, is a paper document. 

If you are a professional with a higher degree (MD, DDS, PhD, Dsc, JD, etc.), or a professional with a directly relevant degree such as RN, MPH, RDH, or PE, please sign the Statement of Concern* (SoC) for individual professionals.

If you are signing as a mainstream, non-fluoride organization and are someone with the authority to sign for your organization, please sign the Statement of Concern* (SoC) for organizations.

To sign both versions (only signature form is slightly different), please print out page 2 of the SoC itself (there are two accompanying supportive documents – References and a Recent History), fill out the form on page 2, and fax or snail mail that page to the contact info at the bottom.

View a list of signatories.

View a more detailed description of the SoC or the rationale concerning degrees for signatories of the SoC.

Thank you for signing our statement of concern!

None of the information given on the SoC form, which we use for verification purposes, will ever be shared with any other entity, aside from the information publicly listed:  name, degree, profession and affiliation if given, city and state (or province and country).

Any questions?  Email secondlook1@earthlink.net.  Feel free to use the SoC and its documents as a learning tool in your community!

*The Statements of Concern and the signatory list are available as PDFs. To view PDFs, you need to have Adobe Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer. You can download this free software from the Adobe Web site.

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