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EMF Timeline

Prior to 1879, NO commercial use of electricity, NO human-produced EMFs in several billion years of evolution of life on this planet.

1879 - First commercial use of Electricity—Thomas Edison invents the lightbulb
1880 - Creation of Electrical Distribution
1882 - Electric Meter Invented
1905 - Electrification of US major cities begins
1907 - Invention and introduction of Radio Frequency when Marconi established the first commercial transatlantic radio communications service.
1920s - Radio stations startup in the US and around the world using AM
1928 - Invention of televised images by Farnsworth
- Television transmissions start in Europe
- Invention and introduction of Radar in Europe
- 70% of all US households have electricity
1933 - Invention and introduction of FM Radio
- Television transmissions begins in North America
- FM Radio service begins in Europe and the US
- High voltage power lines are built in the US to provide increased demand for electricity
- 95% of all US households have electricity, including rural
1960s - Microwave development
1980s - First Generation (1G) commercially automated cellular networks introduced in the US
1990s - Second Generation (2G) cellular networks introduced in the US using GSM
2000s - Third Generation (3G) provides media streaming content to 3G handsets
- Fourth Generation (4G) provides 10-fold increase in speed over 3G
- Smart Meters with 2 way communication introduced in the US

In little over one century, a small moment in Earth’s life history, humans have introduced many sources and types of energy into the biosphere. EMFs are now ubiquitous and continue to proliferate by orders of magnitude.
Yet we still have no clear idea of their long-term effects on living organisms or systems.