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Sources of Electro-Pollution

Excerpted from the article, "The Adverse Health Effects of EMFs from Modern Technology"
by Kimberly S. Geck, B.S., M.S., MT (ASCP), from the website, Holistic Solutions

Electrical Equipment and Wiring

  • Appliances:  Alarm Clocks, Hair Dryer, Vacuum, TVs, Lamps, Stereos, etc

  • Home Wiring (50/60 Hz)

  • Equipment:  Computers, Printers, Fax Machines, Copiers, Industrial Equipment (welding, instrumentation, etc.)

  • External Electrical Power Lines, Sub-Stations, High-Voltage Cables, etc

Microwave / Radiofrequency Technology (includes all Wireless and Digital Technology)

  • Digital TV Broadcasts:  200MHz – 860MHz

  • Cell Phones (2G):  800MHz – 1.8GHz

  • Cordless Phones:  900MHz, 2.45GHz, 5.8GHz

  • DECT (Digital Cordless Phone):  1.9GHz

  • Cell Phones (3G):  2.2GHz – 3.0GHz

  • Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, Wi-LAN:  2.45GHz – 2.50GHz

  • Microwave Ovens:  915MHz – 2.45GHz

  • Radar (military, airports, etc.)

  • CFL Bulbs:  These emit RF / Microwave Radiation due to a tiny transformer that is used to excite the gas inside the tube which produces light.  Add this to the UV Radiation and Mercury Vapor from these ‘green’ bulbs and you have a recipe for a health disaster!!

  • All other wireless devices such as Baby Monitors, Home Alarm Systems, Gaming Systems (i.e. Wii), Smart Meters*, etc.

* Please follow this link to our summary about Smart Meters, a significant source of EMF exposure.

Metallic Objects
These objects do not emit EMFs on their own, but rather act as antennae which will collect and then radiate unnatural energies.

  • Water Pipes, Gas Pipes

  • Electrical Circuits, Telephone Lines

  • Keys, Rings, Watches, Jewelry, Metal Piercings (ear, navel, tongue, etc.)

  • Metal Fillings:  EMFs near fillings cause mercury vapor to leak which is then inhaled through the mouth to the lungs and eventually makes its way to the brain.

  • Springs in Mattresses

  • Bras (metal wire in underwire bras)

This invisible radiation, as shown by the above list, is everywhere – home, office, school, coffee-shop, hospital, highways – even the countryside is littered with cell towers!  It is easy to understand how we are being exposed to 100 – 200 million, and in some metropolitan areas, 1 billion times more unnatural radiation than those who lived only 100 years ago were!