Fluoride 1995; 28(1): 21-24.

Intestinal effects of sodium fluoride in Swiss Albino mice

H Sondhi, ML Gupta and GL Gupta

Zoology Department, Dungar College, Bikaner 334 001, India.

SUMMARY: Adult Swiss Albino mice (6-7 weeks old) were treated with sodium fluoride (NaF) until autopsy. The organo-somatic index, histology and biochemistry of the intestines were observed at commencement of treatment and on the 7th, 15th and 30th day. The crypt cells exhibited cytoplasmic degranulation and vacuolation. Hydropic degeneration in lamina propria and muscular tissue, increase in the number of goblet cells, broken tips of villi, nuclear pyknosis, and abnormal mitoses were observed. The organo-somatic index decreased significantly on days 7 and 15. Total protein and cholesterol values declined significantly, whereas those of glycogen and acid, and alkaline phosphatase activities, increased significantly on day 7 to day 30. The results provide evidence of intestinal involvement in fluorosis.

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