Fluoride 1980; 13(4):163-167

Histological findings in kidneys of mice following sodium fluoride administration.

Kour K, Singh J.

Dept. of Anatomy, Government Medical College, Srinagar-Kashmir India.

SUMMARY: The present study assesses the effect of sodium fluoride administration on kidneys of mice. One hundred adult male Albino mice were fed 10 ppm (Group A), 500 ppm (Group B), and 1000 ppm (Group C) of sodium fluoride for 3 months. Some of the animals from each group were sacrificed at the end of one, two and three months. The kidneys were removed and stained with hematoxylin and eosin. The most consistent changes in the kidneys were cloudy swelling of the tubular cells. In the highest dosage groups (B and C), sacrificed at the end of three months, we found marked necrosis of tubular cells, atrophy of the glomeruli, and areas of interstitial infiltration of round cells. It is concluded that kidneys are adversely affected by prolonged use of sodium fluoride.


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